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31st Annual Conference Communique

The Social Studies Association of Nigeria (SOSAN) held its annual national conference at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, Oyo state between 24 and 26 November 2015. The theme of the conference was Cultural Studies and National Unity: Emerging Trends.

2015 Annual National Conference Photo Gallery

Arising from the scholarly papers presented and meaningful discussion that followed, the association is at this moment releasing his communiqué to the government and people of Nigeria.

  1. The genuine effort of the federal government in ensuring the unity of Nigeria as well as the relentless effort in curtailing insecurity affronts are highly appreciated and the Association wishes the federal government a resounding success in this direction.
  2. The Association notes that the various approaches being used by the government of Nigeria in achieving national unity, security and solidarity have effective to some extent. The association, thereby suggest that, in addition to these approaches, there is the need to incorporate cultural diplomacy into these approaches. Cultural studies have been found to be another strategy to build bridges and fill gaps across divides. Understanding of others’ culture promotes recognition and respect and thereby facilitates unity.
  3. Accordingly, the Association urges the federal government to take another look at the informal and formal approaches of using culture to promote national unity.
  4. Informal approaches such as school cultural days, security agencies cultural days, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) cultural days, display of cultural traits during sporting activities will go a long way in bridging gaps.
  5. Formal cultural studies at all levels of education should be given more prominence and promotes through motivational offers.
  6. The Social Studies Association of Nigeria wishes the federal government to include cultural diplomacy within the nation into its change mantra.
  7. The association traces the fact that a curriculum is a veritable tool for change and at this moment suggests that our school curriculum, when next it is revised, should infuse the teaching and learning of Nigeria cultural value in all the subjects at the primary and secondary levels.

Finally, the Association wishes the nation brighter days in this second centenary existence of the country.