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Membership of SOSAN shall be open to:-

  1. All teachers of Social Studies in all institutions and levels of education in the country.
  2. All bodies, institutions and organizations involved in teaching and learning; and are so recognized and approved by the Nigerian government.
  3. All interested person/persons in allied disciplines.
  4. All students of Social Studies in institutions of learning in the country.

Method of Application for Membership

  1. Application for membership shall be in writing and/or on completion of appropriate forms of application and returning same to the national or state branch secretariat of SOSAN.
  2. All application shall be accompanied by a membership registration fee of one thousand five hundred Naira (N1500)
  3. All registered members of SOSAN shall pay annual dues of one thousand Naira (N1000) per member.
  4. An institution or body wishing to be a member shall pay a registration fee of five thousand Naira (N5000).
  5. Registered institutions and bodies shall renew their membership every two years with the sum of two thousand Naira (N2000).
  6. Students of institutions of learning shall pay a registration fee of five hundred Naira (N500).
  7. They shall however pay their annual dues of three hundred Naira (N300) every year.
  8. The term "student" here does not include post graduate students in institutions of higher learning.
  9. All membership fees and dues are to be reviewed by the annual general meeting every three years.