About Us

Social Studies Educationists Association of Nigeria GroupThe Social Studies Educationists Association of Nigeria (SOSAN) is an educational professional body organized by and for all persons who believe in the principles of social education. It is an organization of learners, teachers, educators, curriculum developers, writers and qualified educational practitioners in the field of social education and or accepted related disciplines. It is a professional body which consists of professionally qualified teachers who have their origins largely from the social sciences and humanities. SOSAN is not a trade union but purely concerned with improving and strengthening the teaching and learning of social studies throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


To foster social education generally for the enhancement of the acquisition of necessary political, social and cultural knowledge, attitudes and skills for effective and responsible democratic citizenship.


The mission of SOSAN is to provide leadership service, and support for all social studies educators. The association devoted to supporting social studies education. SOSAN standards ensure that an integrated social science, behavioural science, and humanities approach for achieving academic and civic competence is available to guide social studies decision makers in schools. SOSAN serves as an umbrella organization for primary, secondary, college teachers and university teachers of the social studies in the interest of educating new generations of informed, responsible citizens. The central mission of SOSAN is to improve the integrated teaching of the social studies at all levels of education, from elementary school to college and graduate school.